8271 Gateway Overlook Drive
Elkridge, MD 21075
Gold's Gym in Elkridge, MD
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    Today Gold’s Gym is the most recognized name in fitness serving more than 3 million members around the world. Always at the forefront of the fitness revolution, Gold’s Gym has continually evolved its profile by equipping gyms with the best amenities and the latest in cardio and strength training equipment as well as the most dynamic group exercise programs including Zumba, yoga, group cycling, mixed martial arts, muscle endurance training, and Pilates. At Gold’s Gym, you’ll find an energetic, supportive environment full of all kinds of people who are committed to achieving their goals. Today more than ever, Gold’s Gym realizes that strength comes in many forms…whether it’s the strength to be a better parent, the strength to overcome diabetes or the strength to be a better athlete. At Gold’s Gym, our mission is simple: We’re here to help you Know Your Own Strength®.


    - FULL size men's lockers. Barely half the lockers are every used, therefore there is not a drastic need for half sized lockers. We wear suits, shower, gym etc = need space! - upright water bottle fountain. Every gym and most work environments have these. The "bend over" water fountains are a thing of the past. Get with 2018! - Those are EASY wins for the Elkridge, MD gym. Get those done and I'll give you more.
    My favorite class, Saturday's Body Flow, was discontinued...that is disappointing! Additionally, there are no yoga classes available for working people except Friday evening, but there is no childcare at that time. I hope they replace Saturday flow or yoga.
    I have been going to Gold's for several years but switched over to Planet Fitness for a few months due to a new home. When I came back to Gold's, i realized that while Gold's has a wide range of machines, etc, the restroom/shower/sauna is always dirty/messy or inoperable. I started going to Gold's since its inception and the auto hand sink stations are still not fully functional. Jesus Christ. It has literally been years. I'm most likely going to switch permanently to a different smaller gym that is cleaner and where I feel safe taking showers. The bathrooms at Golds seem to be cleaned once a day which isn't okay or sanitary. The showers are also almost always dirty and the sauna never seems to work. If you think I'm complaining or being unfair, go peek inside the men's locker room and see what you find.
    Please put CNN on a television that can be heard with your earphones. I realize that this request may seem trivial, but when you are working out on the equipment for 30 minutes or more, you appreciate keeping up on current events and it helps the time go by faster. CNN is a very popular news channel. Put one of the lesser watched channels, on the television without sound. Also, please inform your members (especially the newer ones) that they cannot "save" equipment. Some members put their possessions on a piece of equipment to prevent anyone else from using it while they go do something else. It is very annoying! Thank you for the opportunity to provide feedback.
    Perhaps you could offer more evening classes. I absolutely LOVE Marrine’s Tae Bo Kickboxing class. It would be great if you offered more evening classes like that.
    I have just started doing group exercise classes. I really liked GRIT, which is closest to Crossfit that I've found outside Crossfit, but it's been discontinued. Free weights and cardio machines are great.
    I want the steam room to be free of the white mold.growing in the grout. Also the flat bench press racks are way to close the each other and the walls. The kidz club makes up for other areas that lack. There is always someone in there that is great with kids and makes me feel confident that my child is being looked after while I work out. Overall, I like going to gold's.
    While there are plenty of cardio gear, updated and more variety of resistance equipment would be great for overall exercise experience. Additional Hammer Strength-type of gear would be awesome. Also, another Smith machine...
    Although I have repeatedly asked front desk associates to encourage Golds members to clean equipment after use, no action is taken, and members continue to leave equipment sweaty and gross. I’m leaving this gym.

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